Vehicle Registration

The procedure for obtaining the Dunes Registration Fee was recently changed in an effort to speed up the check-in process. Please note the following items:

  • The Dunes Registration Fee must be purchased on-line.
  • The Dunes Registration Fee costs $20.00 per vehicle and is non-refundable.  We recommend waiting until the day before check-in to purchase the Dunes Registration Fee in case your plans change.

Instructions for Obtaining a DUNES REGISTRATION FEE Ticket 

  1. Go to with your browser
  2. Type in “DUNES REGISTRATION FEE” in the search input box. It is on the left side right under the picture.
  3. Click on the words “DUNES REGISTRATION FEE – Month/Month” in the search responses box.  Select the correct one for the month of your visit.
  4. On next page, click on the GET TICKET box (Green Box)
  5. On next page, input the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase.  If you want more than one Fee ticket change the number; otherwise leave the field at one (1)
  6. Click the  CHECK OUT box at bottom of page (Green Box)
  7. Fill in the information for the Ticket Buyer, Payment, and Billing Information (fill in all required fields)
  8. Click the  PAY NOW box at bottom page (Light Green Box)
  9. Follow instructions to receive (by email)  and print out your DUNES REGISTRATION FEE ticket.
  10. The Dunes Registration Fee ticket must be given to Security when you check-in.

Note that the DUNES REGISTRATION FEE ticket is good for the duration of your visit.